Interestingly simple, fast and very affordable – our bulk SMS service comes with innovative tools to deliver your text messages to a larger mass of audience and generate potential leads favouring your business. Whether you’re a professional or novice, just like sending an email, you can guarantee the safe arrival of SMS in your recipient’s hands without further training.

  • Transactional Messaging
  • Promotional Messaging
Special Features:
  • Address book maintenance: To be able to send promotional messages on various occasions without having to go through the contacts list in your diary of phone.
  • Full delivery reporting: We provide a complete delivery report (in Excel or CSV formats) for every message you send.
  • Free unsubscribe tool: We keep your campaigns legal by allowing people to opt out.
  • Send personalised texts: Data like names and account details are merged to send custom-made messages
  • Save and store template messages: We create and store all of your messages in one place
  • Create and manage sub-accounts: Our digital marketing team manages credit levels in different accounts and are able to record transfers.